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UCL Press is the first fully open access university press in the UK. Its digital publishing platform provides an innovative and exciting way for readers and researchers to access its wide range of books and journals online. Showcased in three distinct formats and all including a suite of useful tools to aid understanding and enhance user experience, discover UCL’s Enhanced Digital Editions, Scholarly Monographs and BOOC (Books as Open Online Content) here.

BOOC (Books as Open Online Content)

Explore BOOC, a dynamic and open platform featuring ‘living books’ which continue to evolve over time as content is added.

Academic Book of the Future

Case Studies in Perioperative Medicine

Paper Trails

Enhanced Digital Editions

Our enhanced digital editions offer a unique way for scholars to explore highly visual books within a compelling interactive format. Highlights include the ability to examine artefacts at any angle using the 3D modelling feature and use the deep zoom to research archive documents.

Navigate these beautiful digital books both thematically or chronologically and bring them to life using our feature set below.

  • Slide shows of images
  • Deep zoom facility
  • 3D modelling feature
  • Audio and video

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Scholarly Monographs

Read our many and varied online monographs and try the suite of scholarly tools designed to help you work more efficiently and provide a richer user experience.

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